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A Message From The Chair

Terri L. Young, MD, MBA, FARVO
Chair, UW–Madison Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
Peter A. Duehr Endowed Professor of Ophthalmology, Pediatrics and Medical Genetics

From The Chair

Dear Friends,

As we approach our 50th anniversary as an established medical school department in 2020, I wish to share with you some of the wonderful departmental accomplishments of this year. It is indeed an exciting time as our team members continue in their quest to save sight through research discovery, adopting new patient care approaches, developing innovative treatments, and employing different teaching models for providers and researchers in training.

In this 2019 annual report of the department, you will find stories from our patients, faculty, learners, and administrators. These stories are your stories—we could not do this work without you as our inspiration

The University of Wisconsin Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences continues to be a leader in saving sight by fueling our top priority, which is you. Inside you will learn of some of our initiatives:

  • Stem cell and gene therapy progress for inherited retinal disorders.
  • A near-blind North Freedom man who regained sight after his last-ditch effort visit with a genetic counselor and provider specialist to Wisconsin’s sole Inherited Retinal Degeneration Clinic.
  • New partnerships in our International Ophthalmology Program for trainees.
  • Our department’s teleophthalmology screening initiative, which provides accessible eye care for those living with diabetes in rural Wisconsin.
  • Enhanced clinical practices and technologies through lean modeling, which places the patient at the center of their care experience.

Should you have thoughts on how we can be of better service, please feel free to contact me at any time. I am grateful to you for supporting our people and mission to save sight—thank you!

On, Wisconsin!

Our Team

Our Team

Department News

Dive Into Our Department News

We Remember

We Remember

Ronald Klein, MD, MPH was an esteemed faculty member of the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences for over four decades. He shared his life and his life’s work with his partner of 54 years—Dr. Barbara Klein, who joined the department as a faculty member with Ron.

DOVS welcomes new residents and fellows as they begin their ophthalmology training at UW-Madison. Residents, Fellows, Postdoctoral & Graduate Students

Residents, Fellows, Postdoctoral & Graduate Students

Meet our new students!

McDowell Lab researchers New Faculty and Staff

New Faculty and Staff

Learn about our new faculty and staff members. We welcomed Laura J. Kopplin, MD, PHD; Kevin D. Kurt, OD; Colleen M. McDowell, PhD; Alexander R. Miranda, MD; Donna M. Neumann, PhD; Kelsey L. Rickels, OD; and Suzanne W. Van Landingham, MD this year.

Amazing Alumni

Amazing Alumni

Dr. Andy Harris Honored as 2019 AAO Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient. Alumni Association Updates.

New Year, New Residents

New Year, New Residents

The 2019–2020 academic year marks the first time that the University of Wisconsin–Madison Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences (DOVS), in partnership with the Department of Internal Medicine, welcomed two new first-year (PGY1) residents, Drs. Katherine Dalzotto and Chintan Pathak.

Hoon Lab researchers at computer Honors


Our Faculty was honored with AAO Secretariat Awards, recognized for contributions to medical student eduction and the Hoon Lab secured UW2020 funding, among other achievements this year.